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What is Visual Novel Reader?

  • Visual Novel Reader helps adding soft subtitles to PC visual novels without the need of hacking and patching.
  • People could easily add translations, and it is hosted online (cloud).
  • It is not designed for any emulators, especially PSP emulators. As of July 2014, VNR now works with ps2 emulators, wii as well as PPSSPP,
  • It’s primarily a translation tool for translators to submit their translation and it is a software to translate a visual novel if you don’t know how to read JP language.
  • If you are using Visual Novel Reader but you are not a translator, do not expect a perfect translation if you are choosing “Machine translation” from ATLAS and GOOGLE. That should be obvious. but there are ways to improve machine translation
  • To find out if a translator has picked it up as a project, proceed to otomehearts (for otome games) or fuwanovel (for galgames and…

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