Thoughts on anime

When I watched this episode I couldn’t believe that it is already over. If I could I would have started watching the next one right after that. Too bad I can’t.

In this episode we got new characters, that are, most likely, going to be significant. And they are likable too. Here are they:

Levi is a really powerful fighter. He can take on two titans at once without panicking or being desperate. He seems to have the same goal as Eren, to destroy all the titans. But his personality is way different. And that is a good thing, two Eren-like man would be too much.

Also, it is said that Levi is a “clean freak”. I guess they meant to say that he has an obsession with cleanliness. They showed that he did not like to have Titans blood in he hands and was wiping it out in the middle of…

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